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  La forma más eficaz de gestionar el cambio
es crearlo  

Peter Drucker (1909-2005)

 We Value Our Sponsors Partners

The support provided by corporations and institutions allows the development and implementation of Nimetrix's e-papalote program. These alliance partnerships make it possible for millions of entrepreneurs and small business owners through their Associations or Communities to embark on their journey towards digital transformation.

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The mission of e-papalote is to improve the quality of life in Latin America and the Caribbean, empowering SMEs through their Associations or Communities, taking them through a technological flight to Digital Transformation. 

Why walk, if we can fly as high as a e-papalote can take us! 

1. Unique digital transformation program of its kind.

2. CultureAdjust the technological theme to the culture of the participating regions.

3. Empowerment of SMEs regardless of their size

1. Share resources among peers from the same industry.

2. Intuitive Technology.

3. Digitize the local Culture.

4. Share technological knowledge.

5. Learn by doing.

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